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Quokkas are known as the happiests animals in the world. A Quokka is a marsupial that takes her baby in the bag enjoying the benefits of the body contact.


We believe in the importance of body contact and the instintive necessity of keeping your
baby close to you. The contact skin to skin is a powerful tool of growth, health and safety for your baby.

Nature teaches us and in Quokkababy we have learned that after million years of evolution, Babywearing continues being the best way for carrying a baby.

From our commitment with the Babywearing, Quokkababy has created an innovative  babywearing T-shirt, wich is perfect for carrying your baby covering its needs of body contact, while respects your physiognomy and looks for the maximun confort for both of you.

Beyond the countless benefits for the baby’s physical and emotional growth given by the
bearing and skin to skin contact, we believe as parents that the experience of carrying our
babies close to us is an essential part of ourselves and turns us into the happiest creatures
in the world, just as the Quokkas.



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