BABYWEARING  (from 3 to 9 kg – from 6,6 to 19,8 lb)

Quokkababy allows babywearing easily and safe, in front position, from birth to 9 kg (19,8 lb)


  • Correct position for hip development, M shape position, with knees higher than buttocks.

  • The Quokkababy vest adapts to the growth of the vertebral column of the baby thanks to its flexible fabric.

  • It provides steady support to the head due to point by point adjustments of the sidebands.

  • It allows the making of a seat for the popliteal areas of both legs and swings the baby’s hips (recommended position from 6,6 lbs of weight)

Comfortable for the mother:


  • Reinforced material in the pressure areas

  • It has a hidden reinforced fabric in the back, designed for an optimal distribution of the baby’s weight.

Stretch fabric:

  • It is made of soft and comfortable stretchy material, suitable for newborns and premature babies.

  • Very elastic and with excellent support, it creates the perfect environment for the baby to remain calm, protected and comfortable on the mother's breast.

  • The fabric is breathable, made with natural dyed (95% cotton, 5% elastine)

Easy to use and safe:

  • It´s very easy to wear because the baby is fastened in the fabric. Also, don´t drag on the floor.

  • Complies with safety regulation CEN/TR 16512.

Skin to skin contact:

  • Allows enjoy the skin to skin contact, unlike another kind of carriers.


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