How can I place my order?

You can make your order from our online store. If you have any problems and other countries, do not hesitate to contact us.

How long will it take to receive my Quokkababy T-shirt?

The delivery time of the products for Spain (Peninsula and Baleares since the order is produced is a maximum of 4 working days (preparation + shipping). For other destinations check delivery times in shipment-and-delivery


How do I know which shirt size to choose?

In the guide of sizes you can find a chart with the sizes and their respective measures to serve as guidance.

How should I wash the shirt?

You can wash your Quokkababy T-shirt in the washing machine, at a maximum temperature of 30C. Do not wash it at a higher temperature, since the heat could damage the technical back reinforcement (not visible).

How does the baby carrier have to be?

The t-shirt must be tight and fit perfectly to your body The baby must be firmly attached to the inside of the shirt. You should be able to release your hands and notice that the baby is perfectly attached.

What material is it made of?

The Quokkababy baby carrier t-shirt is made of stretch fabric, made of 95% premium cotton and 5% elastane. It is breathable and made with natural dyes.

If I'm wrong with size can it be changed?

Yes, you can exchange it, as long as you have not used it and keep the original packaging and labels. For more information, see our changes and returns page

Can I wear my Quokkababy T-shirt in winter?

Thanks to its light and breathable fabric, you can use it at any time of the year. In winter you can also use it to go out in the street with any jacket or with a babywearing coat.

What is the difference between Quokkababy and other babywearing T-shirts?

The innovative design makes it into the only babywearing T-shirt with a reinforced back support which improves balance between baby's weight and wearer's body.

Quokkababy T-shirt get the correct position for hip development, M shape position, with knees higher than buttocks. Unlike other babywearing T-shirts allows the making of a seat for the popliteal areas of both legs and swings the baby’s hips (recommended position from 6,6 lbs of weight). It provides steady support to the baby due to point by point adjustments of the sidebands.


Can I carry my premature baby in the Quokkababy t-shirt?

The baby carrier Quokkababy is ideal for practicing the Kangaroo Method with premature babies. Follow the instructions of your health professional.

It is not recommended as a transport system up to 3 kg.