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The Quokkababy can be used as a T-shirt during pregnancy.


  • Soft and reinforced fabric in the abdominal region offers a confortable support for your belly, offering a nice sensation of support during pregnancy.​

  • ​Hidden reinforced fabric in the back.​

Helps with the posture and alleviates back pains:

  • During pregnancy lumbar lordosis can increase due to all the weight gain during pregnancy being concentrated in the pelvis area. The weight makes thebody lean forward. Pregnant women tend to lean backwards to compensate the weight provoking an increase of the lordosis in the lumbar area. Quokkababy t-shirt relieves back pain and compensates the development of lordosis of the lumbar spine.

  • This t-shirt has been designed following a physio and a midwife’s advice.

Two positions

  • Reinforced back position: The bands strech under the arms guaranteeing a good posture and providing relief.   

  • Normal position: You can also cross the bands under the breast or under the belly and tie them up to use as a normal t-shirt.​

Quokkababy- pregnancy
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