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PREMATURE BABIES (up to 6,6 lbs/3 kg)

The Quokkababy babywearing T-shirt vest allows the carrying of physiologically stable premature babies. It is ideal for practising  kangaroo mother care (KMC) easily, conveniently and safely.


The baby’s body stays in place due to the central band and the lateral ones surround the baby avoiding its body sliding down but also avoiding putting pressure on it, in ‘kangaroo’ position, on the mother’s bare chest, in vertical position, with its legs in flex position, following the WHO recommedations for Kangaroo Mums.

​​​Comfortable and safe:

Allows practising kangaroo mother care (KMC) easily, conveniently and safely with the free hands, without risk of falls.

Complies with safety regulation CEN/TR 16512.

Free hands:

The baby's body is held in the proper position, without having to hold it, allowing the mother to have her hands free.

Easy to use:

It´s very easy to wear because the baby is fastened in the fabric. Also, don´t drag on the floor.

Follow the recommendations and safety warnings that are given in these instructions and ask your doctor.​​


método canguro con prematuros con Quokkababy
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