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The Quokkababy Ring Sling allows an easy and safe babywearing, in two ways: front and hip positions, from 6,6 lb to 33 lb.

The Quokkababy Ring Sling adapts to the development of baby´s spine thanks to its flexible fabric.

Provides a good support to the head by adjusting point by point of the fabric. 

Position suitable for hip development, M-shaped, with knees higher than the buttocks.

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Cool Mesh Technical Fabric


Cool Mesh fabric helps keep you dry, providing maximum comfort for you and your baby. It allows the pass of air, becoming it in the ideal carrier for summer. It can also be used to take a bath in the pool or the beach, thanks to its breathable and quick-drying mesh fabric.

bandolera portabebe verano Quokkababy-mi

Antibacterial threatment

Moisture and body heat are the ideal medium for the proliferation of bacteria. The Cool Mesh technical fabric has an antibacterial treatment certified by Centerbac Agª which prevents the development and reproduction of bacteria, mold and mites obtaining a safe fabric and taking care of your baby skin. It is accredited with the OEKO TEX Standard 100 quality standard.

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Sling Rings

Quokkababy Ring Sling has been draft with aluminum lightweight rings manufactured in the USA, where they fulfill exhaustive quality controls. They are designed specifically for babywearing, lead-free and nickel-free.

Measures: 2 m x 0.70 m.

Composition: 100% Polyester.

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